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  • Cristal Paris

    Redesign of the ground floor for the architecture of the Cristal Paris Tower.

    General contractor management commissioned to redesign the ground floor of Tour Cristal. Agent M opted for a large-scale project by opening up the façade and increasing the glass surface on the street. Rearranging the ground floor and the new layout of the reception area significantly increased the volume and luminosity. Agent M proposed two architectural solutions that contribute to crate a strong visual identity: a large double spiral self-supporting staircase. A beautiful ironwork piece and a bright bas-relief, a large fresco reminiscent of a chandelier one might find in a reception lustre hall.

    The ground floor was also fitted with a mezzanine space and various workspaces that are glass-framed and individual, designed and outfitted according to an approach considering different work postures.

    Between design creation and artistic gesture, a three-colour partition screen in the reception hall confers depth and vibration that changes as the visitors move around.

    • Client


    • General contractor management

      Agent M – Design and Artistic Direction

    • Architects


    • Landscaping

      Christophe Gautrand & Associates

    • Location

      11 Quai André Citroën, Paris 15th arrondissement

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