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  • Founded in 2005, Agent M is a multidisciplinary agency that specialises in interior architecture, design, and graphic design (signage and visual identity) as well as in overall contractor management (sculptures and installation of monuments).

    From architectural or graphic design targeted missions to the global management of large-scale projects, Agent M is characterised by its innovative work method and the ability to find atypical solutions in a variety of trades.
    Our approach relies on a thorough analysis and acquiring an understanding of our clients’ cultures to help us determine the adequate and specific vocabulary.
    Agent M, is also a human-sized agency that prides itself on direct relationships with our clients and the projects that are entrusted to us.
    Since its creation, over the years, the agency has established many enriching and long-lasting collaborations with private, corporate, and artistic partners who have contributed in lasting experiences, working on fascinating projects that have helped forge the identity of the agency.

    • The Agency

      The agency is situated Rue Saint-Sabin, in the 11th arrondissement of Paris. It is set up in a former art gallery close to the modern art district of Paris and is structured into two sections. A first space bathed in natural light opens onto the street. This space is dedicated to meetings, brainstorming and the presentation of projects; it is also occasionally used to host social events and temporary exhibitions. This first area communicates with the open space that gives onto the courtyard, a workspace where the team gets together. This layout reflects our philosophy at Agent M, favouring cross-disciplinary reflection that federates diverse creative personalities and promotes a connected, flexible, and friendly work method.

    • Matthieu Paillard - Founder & Director of Agent M | Designer – Interior Designer

      Founder Director of Agent M | Designer – Interior designer, Designer and Interior Architect was trained by architect Antti Lovag. Matthieu Paillard co-founded his first agency JAM in London, which became very popular on the London scene in the mid-90s. Upon returning to Paris in the early noughties, he worked for several years with LVMH where he designed the identity and interior architecture of the Emilio Pucci shops around the world and set up a workshop for the School of Fine Arts of Reims. In 2005, Matthieu founded Agent M, as he was keen to open up the field of design to other areas of experimentation. It is then that the first collaborations began with modern art galleries in Paris. He introduced one of the Agency’s specific areas of expertise with ‘Project Management and Technical Support’ for the implementation of sculptures and monumental installations.

    • Guillaume Ternard – Associate Director | Designer - Interior Designer

      Designer & Interior Architect, Guillaume Ternard has always preferred a multidisciplinary approach that blends architecture, design, and graphic design. Out of personal and professional interest Guillaume has created a university course specialised in culinary design, a project that focuses on materials and the use of food as a medium, complemented by historical research on the topic. This experience has led him to work with many top-chefs. Seduced by Agent M’s creative and multidisciplinary approach, Guillaume joined the agency in 2007 and became an associate of Matthieu two years later where he continued his previous research work, in particular on the combination and production of materials, know-how and artistic artisanship, and also set up a Design Lab.

    • Nicolas Hoffmann – Artistic Director

      Former artistic director of magazine Beaux-Arts, Nicolas Hoffmann is specialised in visual identity applied to the art and culture scenes. In 2005, he founded the creation studio ‘Designers Anonymes’, and pursued his existing collaborations with the community of artistic creation (Centre Georges Pompidou, Louvre-Lens Museum, Paris Musées, Fondation d’Entreprise Ricard, Mac/Val, Museum of Decorative Arts)… Nicolas collaborated with Agent M on several projects and joined the agency in 2014, where he established the department for typography, signage and scenography, placing the emphasis on the creation of an identity that combined graphic design, object design, shapes and materials, regardless of their purpose, from the actual edition to the architectural structure.

    • Camille Ravassat – Project Manager | Graphics & Signage

      Camille joined Agent M in 2015. She oversees the visual identity of the ‘Fondation d’Entreprise Ricard’ and Carmignac foundation. Camille is a Project Manager and contributes to the design and implementation of all the agency’s graphic design projects.

    • Alison Feral – Junior Designer & Interior Architect

      Trained in interior architecture and design, Alison is responsible for all the agency’s 3D modelling, AutoCad drawings, support signage art for graphic project simulations, graphics, and scenography.

    • Contact us

      +33 1 44 73 41 19 • agentm@agentm.fr

    • Visit us

      62 rue Saint-Sabin, 75011 Paris

    • Press and communication

      Muriel Marasti • muriel.marasti@agentm.fr • +33 6 17 36 26 08