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    Artistic Direction and Visual Identity

    Organisers of music festivals since 2002 (les Nuits Secrètes, la Bonne Aventure since 2008), the Association Les Nuits Secrètes, encourages year-round the dissemination and emergence of music throughout the region (development of musical creations, creation venues)

    The summer of 2021 saw the advent of a new event ‘C’est Extra !’ The idea was to propose a large-scale experience throughout the village combining photography and music and offering new cultural interactions. As part of the typical programme of the three concert evenings featuring 2 or 3 guest performers, there were also two major secret routes mixing unknown artists and unusual places, and an outdoor photographic exhibition organised by Fetart structured around 5 themed photographic routes.

    Agent M was commissioned to create the graphic and visual identity for the festival’s different cultural activities and well as the mediation.

    The new identity had to be in line with the association’s DNA, characterized by its artistic audacity, accessibility, conviviality, and discovery.

    The identity of this new festival can be adapted for several types of events and has turned the event into an unmissable summer festival.

    • Client

      Association Les Nuits Secrètes

    • Location

      Aulnoye-Aymeries, 59 Département

    • Years