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  • Les Balises

    Artistic Direction and Visual Identity

    Les Balises is a network of libraries from 31 communes. It enables its members to have access to a large selection of books, documents, and cultural events.

    Agent M designed the visual identity for the project, the logo, as well as all the communication material used for the posters, tote bags and digital media.

    The logo was designed using axonometry, with several alternative illustrations than can be adapted to different themes to be used in the future.

    To identify and consolidate the label with library users in Dunkerque, the logotype was integrated in our illustrations of the activities in order to explain the new usages offered by the different libraries, with the logo indicating the destination.

    The illustrations representing the theme of the poster (digital services, “L’été des Balises”) were organised around the B totem (the logo) and brought the visual material to life. The wide range of possible adaptations allowed for endless combinations.

    • Client

      CUD - Communauté Urbaine de Dunkerque

    • Location

      Dunkerque, 59

    • Year

      Since 2019