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    Design of the main entrance

    Agent M was invited by architect Philippe Chiambaretta to contribute to this large-scale project for a luxury office building. The different missions included working on the building’s entrance hall, a large stairway leading to the basement, as well as signage for the entire building and parking lots.
    For the entrance hall, Agent M endeavoured to optimise the entrance/exit flow and the transition between the Eiffel façade of the building classified as a historical monument and the modern style of the interior design. A strong gesture was required, one that resonated with its surroundings. The curve of the three arches on the façade was projected flattened onto the black front wall using an anamorphic technique. The three large architectural arches themselves were designed using digital 3D geometry. Polished plaster (specifically developed for this project) was used to make the casts in a workshop. These were then cut to size and brought to the site to be assembled and joined. Light now radiates throughout the entrance, concentrated in lively and sharp lines that underline the rhythm of the space. The floor featuring dark Zimbabwe granite incrusted with lighter flooring strips, as well as a dark brushed titanium-colour wall complement the minimalist elegance of the reception area.

    • Client

      SFL - PCA Architecture

    • Location

      Main entrance, 6 rue Ménars, Paris 2nd arrondissement

    • Year