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  • Centre Georges Pompidou, Charles de Meaux

    Le train Fantôme, Charles de Meaux
    Project management for the creation of a monumental sculpture

    Exhibited at the Centre Pompidou in 2014, Le Train Fantôme is a monumental installation by artist Charles de Meaux. It is composed of two 30-meter tunnels, one of which featured a video system with 43 screens and invited the public to enter and discover its universe. Contacted by the artist a few months before the exhibition, Agent M oversaw the project management and implementation.

    Reminiscent of the architecture of the Centre Pompidou with its iconic chimneys, the scale of this inflatable piece was one of the first challenges we had to address given the tight schedule, another more technical challenge concerned the creation of the two tubes.
    To ensure the outer membrane was stable and displayed the required aesthetics, the structure was made using a high-performance fabric typically used in the aeronautics industry that was then fitted onto a flooring created on site and inflated using pulsed air for the duration of the exhibition. Agent M also worked on the inside of the tunnels that gave visitors the impression they and entering the deepest recesses of Beaubourg.

    • Client

      Centre Georges Pompidou

    • Location

      Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris 4th arrondissement

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