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  • Caumartin Apartment

    Redesign of a private flat

    The 65 sq. m apartment required an overall design and restructuring of the available spaces to bring in more luminosity. The old doors were restored and clad with fluted glass to achieve a perfect balance between the appeal of the old style and the more modern touch.

    All the parquet flooring was removed, the kitchen was entirely redesigned and transformed into a living space that opens onto the living room. The main design element of the dual space was the bespoke suspended brass kitchen unit that reflects the colour theme adopted throughout the apartment with brass, white, and black tones. The large kitchen cabinets are made of white lacquered Corian. They blend in seamlessly with the walls and use the specific design of the  dressing room and bedroom furniture items.

    Agent M was also consulted for the interior design, in particular concerning the choice of lighting fixtures and furniture.

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      Rue Caumartin, Paris 9th Arrondissement

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